Professor Hank Landry

"This is about nothing more or less than the fact that you are, by far, my strongest student. Forget me, Veronica. Think about you."

Young teacher, the subject
Of Hearst girls' fantasies
They want him, so badly;
He's boffing Mrs. Dean

New term now, star pupil
Much swifter than his last
She charms him, outwits him
Intro to Crim.'s the class

To lunch once, he treats her
And fills her ears with praise
"I'll be your, advisor"
V's spirits remain raised

Loose women in the Grand, now
His TA is no fool
Send Mars out to nab him
Adultery's not cool

It's no use, she sees him
Lo, what a wicked pig!
She turns down his offers,
Chucks an FBI gig

Don't stand so. Close to Landry.

Bio as of 3.07 "Of Vice and Men"
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Patrick Fabian plays Professor Hank Landry.

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