Parker Lee

"Just so you know, we're approaching critical pathetic mass if the girl who most wants to host gentleman callers is the most recent victim of a sexual assault!"

From Parker's diary, marked "DO NOT READ! THIS MEANS YOU!"

Gram gave me this for graduation. I should probably write in it.

Hi, diary!

It's been kind of a crazy year. As soon as I got here, I was raped, and that, well, sucked out loud, but I got over it, especially after my friend Veronica caught the jerk who did it. Veronica's so great!

She really really is!! Because, like, I starting dating her ex, and she's, like, totally cool with it! It's not awkward at all! And I so ♥ Logan. He remembered the special cake I wanted for my birthday! How sweet is that? I know he makes weird jokes with Mac, and he looked kind of weird when he saw Veronica hugging Piz, but OMG can you believe I had a crush on Piz??? Logan is soooo much better.

Some of my girlfriends talk about their bad boyfriends, and I kinda feel like I'm coming out on top over here. SOME girls would settle for the kind of guy who would, like, burn up pools or pay bums to beat each other up or something, but not me! Logan's the sweetest!

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Stupid Logan. Stupid boys. Stupid surfing. Stupid summer. Stupid parents. Stupid Denver.

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Julie Gonzalo plays Parker Lee.

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