Vincent Van Lowe

"Actually, Keith...once you set up shop here, I got a little nervous, um, a former detective, sheriff, uh, law enforcement machine, hitting the Neptune P.I. scene, working the whole B-movie, back-alley vibe. Clients love that. I thought I was toast but here we are sending each other referrals."

"Referrals? Did I send you a—"

"Redhead, with the husband problem."

"Ahh, right. I wasn't actually referring so much as warning."

Much-married, seedy private investigator. One of Keith's competitors, he doesn't share the former sheriff's ethics. He'll take on anything, including entrapping an innocent husband of a scheming wife and the harassment of a high school girl. He is alleged to cheat his clients for bigger bucks. Vincent and some viewers think he's cute, in that brash, charmless, New Yorker kind of way. Veronica thinks he is a jerk. We agree when watching 1.17 "Kanes and Abel's."

Bio as of 1.17 "Kanes and Abel's"
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Ken Marino plays Vincent Van Lowe.

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