The Devil. Prince of Darkness. Mephistopheles. Lucifer. That guy who rules over H E double hockey sticks. Once the right hand of God, he got uppity, started a war, and got cast out of heaven. He went on to have a long and illustrious career of being blamed for the bad things that people do, inscribing the number 666 on all of his possessions, and being portrayed in film and television by a wide array of actors such as Al Pacino, John Glover, and...Elizabeth Hurley. Well, can't win them all. At any rate, Veronica and Maureen add fathering Dick Casablancas out of wedlock to Beelzebub's long list of sins in 2.18 "I Am God." and Weevil is proud to have met him halfway by owning locker 333 in 2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"

-public displays of lust
Bio as of 2.19 "Nevermind the Buttocks"
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