Angie Dahl

Neptune High 09er. What a doll. She smirks, she sashays, and she pays off doctors to diagnose her with Generalized Anxiety Disorder. She's Veronica's closest competitor in the race for the Kane scholarship, and her expensive Semester at Sea edges her GPA slightly ahead of Veronica's. Go ahead — hate her. Everyone else does. Wallace and Logan try to beat her in a physics competition, but it's her own unpreparedness for an English exam, on Crime and Punishment, no less, that just might take her down. Angie celebrates her acceptance to Stanford but begrudges Veronica's in 2.18 "I Am God."

Bio as of 2.18 "I Am God"
All bios: 2.21 2.18

Kayla Ewell plays Angie Dahl.

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