Chip Diller

"Eighteen shots of vodka: not a good idea. Who knew?"

The Ice Man cometh.

When Veronica exposed the infamous wall of fornication shame in the basement of the Pi Sigma Sigma fraternity, she didn't quite bring the house down. A semester's probation — no mixers, no parties, no sports — was an irritation, not a death sentence.

Chip, whose nickname on the board of sexual conquests was Ice Man, is now President of the Pi Sigs, no doubt due to his popular boning of the Dean's wife. If his moniker is drawn from O'Neill rather than Val Kilmer, he may well be the last. He remembers Veronica well, and her accusations of rape. Yet he was something of the perfect gentleman when the supposedly drunk Veronica needed seeing home from the Pi Sigs's sister sorority, Zeta Theta Beta.

Chip is in Veronica's sights again. She's identified him as being "around" each time the Hearst rapist strikes. And she is in Chip's, particularly after damaging the Theta Betas so seriously with her shoddy investigative journalism.

These two are heading for a knock-down, drag-out clash of philosophies. Then they'll come to some mutual understanding and grudging respect, and the Pi Sigs will turn out to be nothing more than randy boys having fun and giving room to the needy.

Or is that just a pipe dream?

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David Tom plays Chip Diller.

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