Chip Diller

"Not only did Chip get Kojaked, someone put a Roman numeral in one of those little plastic Easter eggs and stuck it in his where-the-sun-don't-shine place. And you know where that is."

"Worst Easter egg hunt ever."

The Ice Man cometh.

When Veronica exposed the infamous wall of shame in the basement of the Pi Sigma Sigma fraternity, she didn't quite bring the house down. A semester's probation — no mixers, no parties, no sports — was an irritation, not a death sentence.

Chip, whose nickname on the board of sexual conquests was Ice Man, is now President of the Pi Sigs, no doubt due to his popular boning of the late Dean's late wife. He remembers Veronica well, and her accusations of rape. Yet he was something of the perfect gentleman when the supposedly drunk Veronica needed seeing home from the Pi Sigs's sister sorority, Zeta Theta Beta (ZTB).

While Chip (along with his frat brothers) has been absolved of the rape accusations, he's certainly no prince. Veronica knows he organized a grope room and is not shy of sleeping with the partners of others. She's learned that he was instrumental in the humiliation of Patrice Pitrelli, a ZTB legacy pledge, who walked off the roof of the sorority house rather than face further torment. For this he pays dearly when Patrice's friends take revenge three years later by shaving his head and sticking a yolky reminder of the event under his nether feathers. We might feel sympathy for the humiliated, violated kid, but this harsh lesson didn't quite scare him straight, and chivalry remains a dead language as far as the Chipster's concerned.

Months after his unfortunate run-in with the former sorority girls, Chip has grown back most of his hair and is back to his old antics of boozing and womanizing. He takes his manhood in his hand (not like that!...okay, maybe he does that too) when he spams his email list with grainy sex tapes that fell his way of his favorite P.I.

We hoped that Chip would overcome the worst of his alpha-male tendencies and that we'd see redeeming qualities — something less self-serving than self-preservation. They never quite manifested themselves with Chip. Don't we have egg on our face.

-Inigo, bethgee
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David Tom plays Chip Diller.

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