Peter Ferrer

"'Queer eye for the dead guy' has Petey wearing a rhinestone fricking rainbow! Seriously, ever heard of butch?"

Peter was one of the students who died on the bus and Pirate's S.H.I.P. (Student Homosexual Internet Posting) poster. With no intention of causing offense, a tongue twister comes to mind:

Peter Poofter posts a piece o' poop to Pirate's posters, a piece o' poop to Pirate's posters, Peter Poofter posts. Then perished in a pack of poor-fated passengers, but what's the poop to Pirate's posters Peter Poofter post?

What did Peter know of the "outing of all outings"? Peter declared himself to a bemused straight teacher who was being supportive of his cousin at the local gay bar. Was it his love for Woooo? Was it something to do with the reason why he would want to go to Shark Field in the first place? Did he die for that knowledge? Or was it because he threw his raffle prize, a Shark's premium ticket package, in the rubbish? These questions didn't occur to Veronica Mars when she first came across Peter's name, but after dreaming about the gorgeous boy, she finally starts to get a clue.

Bio as of 2.18 "I Am God"
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Luke Frydenger plays Peter Ferrer.

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