Trina Echolls

"But if you're coming home, who will play Dead Hooker Two on CSI this week?"

Excerpt: Screen Test #4 — Trina Echolls

Offscreen: So,'re auditioning for...?
Actress: Veronica. I believe that I could play a high school student. I have some past experience...
Offscreen: I should tell you that we have already cast that part.
Actress: Um, uh, oh, right. Well then, of course, there is the obvious. I would play myself. It could be really good publicity for the film. And dad's name. I do so miss him, you know. He always took a keen interest in my career and my welfare. He'd really kick ass for me.
Notes in the margin: That psychopath! Is she nuts too?
Offscreen: So, Trina, in this part you would be playing the bitchy older sister of one of our main characters, Logan. What would you bring to the role?
Actress: Oh, oh, like totally, I would be so there. I mean, he is my little brother and I soooo love him and, and'
Notes in the margin: Not too bright, is she?
Offscreen: Perhaps you missed the bitchy part?
Actress: No, no problem. I love my baby bro but he is such a pain in the ass that all we ever do is push each other's buttons and I am soooo there with that like, the time I told him I couldn't get my boyfriend off my back and he, he, like, said I should try standing up and I said...I said something really cutting and witty back that I just can't quite remember...
Offscreen: Thanks, Trina.
Notes in the margin: Maybe as an extra. Get me Tara Reid!

Bio as of 2.01 "Normal Is the Watchword"
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Alyson Hannigan plays Trina Echolls.

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