Trina Echolls

"But if you're coming home, who will play Dead Hooker 2 on CSI this week?"

Trina Echolls is still a bit of a mystery. She is the actress daughter of Aaron Echolls and Lynn's stepdaughter. Her career might best be described as...not. Australia was a bust and using her step-mother's credit cards, she's been busted so now it is home to daddy.

What she does do well is press her brother's buttons. She and Logan trade insults with practiced ease and she demeans his feelings and his abuse with unsympathetic and selfish abandon. This girl is a real witch. Wait. Wrong show. Replace the 'w' with a 'b' and you've got her in a word.

Bio as of 1.15 "Ruskie Business"
All bios: 2.22 2.09 2.01 1.22 1.19 1.15

Alyson Hannigan plays Trina Echolls.

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