Dustin Hoffman

Actor. Is it a cleverly veiled display of school spirit that this screen star appears on a poster hanging in Neptune High, when he played — in one of his worst most memorable roles — a pirate?! Did some zealous student wish to make sure that everything that could possibly relate to their illustrious school's mascot would do just that? Or could it just be that an All the President's Men poster is, you know, a nicely topical decoration for the journalism classroom? You decide from its appearance in multiple episodes, including 1.05 "You Think You Know Somebody." Unless you're Hallie Piatt, in which case you'll be wondering whatever happened to his brother. Follow me here, Hallie: Hoffa...Hoffman. It's no good. Hallie gets too much sun and Dustin gets a missing brother in 3.08 "Lord of the Pi's."

-Inigo, public displays of lust
Bio as of 3.08 "Lord of the Pi's"
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