Hart Hanson

"I haven't said a thing."

Hart! Bubbie! It's bad enough that your chance of a fortune selling footage you caught of Lynn Echolls jumping off the Coronado Bridge was quashed by Veronica Mars (because who wants to be made the star of their own snuff movie by the ex-leader of the PCH bike club), but then the bitch forgets who you are? Hart, babe, bubbie! Weevil's not so scary anymore and Veronica's got amnesia! Dig out that copy of Storming the Beach, that opus of yours about two brothers who get sent to war...yeah, whatever...let's get that sucker out there! Hart! Bubbie! I'm your white knight! We'll make a million overnight! The Echolls name is hot, hot, hot. Babe! Dump that Beaver guy, drop out of school, and let's get this show on the road!

Bio as of 2.21 "Happy Go Lucky"
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Mike Gaarde plays Hart Hanson.

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