Hart Hanson

"This footage better never make it out into public consumption."
"Don't worry about my boy, Hart. He knows if that happens, his last movie will be a snuff film. And he'll star in it, right?"

H is for Hart's hell a.k.a. a freshman's life at Neptune High.

A is for an amateur's art a.k.a. Storm on the Beach, a homemade movie about two brothers who get sent to war...yeah, we don't care either.

R is for randomly recorded release a.k.a. capturing on film a Lynn-Echolls-shaped, Lynn-Echolls-sized object fall from the Coronado bridge.

T is for terrifying threats a.k.a being forced to forego the fortune in your hands for fear of a starring role in a snuff movie.

Hart does not have a career as a film director in his future if taste and talent are two of the criteria. Hang on a minute....

Bio as of 1.14 "Mars vs. Mars"
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Mike Gaarde plays Hart Hanson.

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