Danny Boyd

"That's my blood. Can you dig that?"

Oh Danny Boy...d, the bombs, the bombs are calling
From River Stix, and down the Shark Field site
The myst'ry's on, and bikers keep on dying.
Of you, that's who we know that we must write.

So think ye back, when knife stabs made your blood flow,
And when Doc Griffith's came and sewed the hole.
Then V was there in sunshine and in shadow.
Oh Danny Boy...d, oh Danny Boy...d, you're screwed you know.

For then you come to work where bricks are falling
And V comes round, and you she's bound to see
That C-4 stash, the place where she is prying
So kneel and say an "Oh, hell" there for thee.

And Thumper's end, tho' well deservéd it may be,
Was pretty harsh and broadcast on TV.
You tied him up and laughed so at his futile plea
Oh Danny Boy...d, you heartless thug, end this mad spree.

-marksoflove, Inigo
Bio as of 2.17 "Plan B"
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Taylor Sheridan plays Danny Boyd.

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