Veronica Mars

"Normal. That's the watchword."

After discovering the answers to questions that plagued her life for the better part of two years, Veronica was determined to put the turmoil behind her and have a "normal" life.

Best friend? Check. Boyfriend? Check. Normal job, just like other people her age? Check.

How long is this normalcy going to last? Is she really going to give up the detective biz? If she isn't the ostracized, angry loner of yesteryear, then who is she?

If you have to ask, then you haven't been watching the show too closely, have you?

Her hair might have gotten a little longer, her necklaces might have changed, and her social status might have climbed up a few notches, but at the core she is still Veronica Mars. She might be a little less angry, and a little bit happier, but nevertheless, she is still as fierce, strong, vulnerable, brilliant, sarcastic, and mercilessly, scandalously hot as ever.

And driven to search for answers again. Which is somewhat preferable to being driven over a cliff, the unfortunate destiny of some of her contemporaries.

Why did they die? For Veronica, who but for a quirk of fate would have been amongst them, that question takes on greater urgency when she learns of the connection between the murdered former stuntman Curly Moran, who may have set up the accident, and Aaron Echolls. If she was the target, then all those people died because of her. Veronica has to find the truth or go slowly crazy with guilt.

As complicated as the bus crash investigation has become, that's nothing compared to the lies and secrets that surround her personal life, which is less than bright. Her best friend narrowly escapes legal trouble after doing what's right. Her death-wish-carrying ex-boyfriend — trouble he loves to incite. But when they embrace on the dance floor, the hotness is a welcome sight. V and her tattooed biker buddy are no longer as tight, though they pair up to bring Felix's murderer to light. Her former 09er gal pal dies, but is survived by a precious tyke. Her boyfriend kidnaps his baby daughter from Grandpa and Grandma Manning, and together they take flight. Her father no longer trusts her after their big fight. She and the new transfer are instant enemies, but a new friendship could be in sight.

By graduation, Veronica learns the answers to many of her burning questions, but her world is turned upside down in the process. She discovers Cassidy Casablancas master-minded the bus crash, not for her, but to silence certain other students on the bus. She learns he raped her at Shelly Pomroy's party, giving her chlamydia. This knowledge almost makes Veronica his next murder victim. Logan helps save her from Cassidy's attack, and she and Logan eventually become love interests once more. She forfeits the Kane scholarship in order to see Lilly's killer sent away to rot in prison, but Aaron is acquitted of all charges — just before being executed by a good man to have in a bad situation. Keith narrowly escapes death, and their sometimes-shaky father-daughter bond is rock-solid again. So why does Keith stand her up at the airport? And will she wind up at Hearst college next year, with her BFF Wallace in the top bunk? And where is Backup?

Face it, Veronica. Normal is so not the watchword.

-Inigo, wyk, topanga
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Kristen Bell plays Veronica Mars.

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