Two dollars for a second season campaign

Inspired by Veronica's clever ploy of writing "Veronica Mars is smarter than me" on the bills in Clash of the Tritons, a few fans at Televisions Without Pity thought it would be fun to design a Veronica Mars themed two dollar bill to ask for a second season. So far there are two bill designs, here and here. Just write "Veronica Mars is smarter than me" on the bills and send them to UPN. You might also include your gender, general age range, and location to show UPN that Veronica Mars has a very diverse fan base. You can read more about this campaign at the TWoP board. Here's the addresses for the top UPN executives and the UPN affiliates.

The reason we are starting this "renew our show" campaign now, instead of waiting until after the show is canceled to start a "save our show/move Veronica Mars to another network" campaign is because it is so much easier to persuade someone to do something that they want to do, than it is to convince someone to reverse a decision that they have already made. Dawn Ostroff (UPN's president) has been very supportive of the show so I think it's safe to say she would love to renew the show.

For those of you who don't keep up with the ratings, Veronica Mars has finished dead last in it's timeslot almost every single week since it premiered. If it wasn't for the huge amount of critical acclaim, the show would have been canceled months ago. While Dawn Ostroff has shown tremendous patience, faith, and support for the show, there has been no word yet on whether or not this ratings challenged show will be picked up for a second season. If you want the show to return next season, follow Kristen Bell's advice: "Our audience is climbing, people are telling their friends, so, please, guys, keep telling your friends!"

Edited to add: A publicist who works for Warner Brothers (the studio that produces VM) recently contacted me and she said she loves this fake money campaign. She said we should send the bills to Dawn Ostroff (head of UPN) and Leslie Moonves (head of CBS and Ms. Ostroff's boss). If you already sent a set of bills to Ms. Ostroff, please send another set to Mr. Moonves.

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