$4,000 Shower Season 3 Campaign

During Rob's webcast interview at UPN.com, he told this little tale about the prospects for a third season:

"This week I actually spent four grand putting a shower in our office bathroom. Now, I wouldn't spend four grand putting in an office shower if I didn't think we were going to be there for three more years."

In an effort to help Veronica Mars get a third season — and give Rob the chance to shower for years to come — the folks behind last year's $2 campaign have started the $4,000 shower campaign.

"We could use another half-million fans. If you could tell a half-million friends to tune us in each week, I think we'd be safe for a hundred episodes."

What Rob wants, Rob gets...at least we hope he does.

As Fox's cutback/cancellation of Arrested Development has once again shown, critical acclaim and a small, rabid fanbase are not enough to save a show from the cancellation graveyard. The best and only way to ensure that Veronica goes to college is to get more fans. Rob jokingly asked the fandom to get a half-million new fans. Let's see if we can turn his joke into reality.

"How in the world are we supposed to get half a million new fans?!"

Check out our Getting People Hooked page, our Show Pimping forum, the "Then I'd Own You": Getting Hooked on Veronica Mars thread at TWoP, and the VM Campaigns community on LiveJournal for ideas about attracting new fans.

"Even if I manage to convert new fans, none of them own a Nielsen box or TiVo, so our viewership won't count."

Well, our site can't do much about the ratings system, but we can do something to make TPTB aware of non-Nielsen fandom. With help from the coolest showrunner ever, we've created a Half Million Peeps Before May Sweeps/$4,000 shower postcard. Longtime fans, here's your chance to let TPTB know about your show pimping antics. Newbies, here's your chance to let the network execs know that the fanbase is growing.

"Do you really think the fans can convert 500,000 new fans by May?"

To be perfectly honest, we have no idea how many new fans the fandom can convert by May. Maybe 1,000, maybe 10,000, maybe 100,000. As Rob said, "Veronica Mars, if it's going to survive, needs more viewers." So go out there and vimp1 like you've never vimped before.

We should not, we can not, we must not let that $4,000 shower go to waste!

1vimp = Veronica Mars pimp


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