Saturday at the Alamo Drafthouse

This is the recap of the Saturday night event at the Drafthouse. Due to the magic of wi-fi, wyk was able to do a live AIM chat from the Drafthouse with a couple of MI.netters who weren't lucky enough to attend. We've spliced together the AIM chat, stuff from wyk's memory, and info from a couple of other people to create this recap. Hopefully our memory is a little bit more reliable and/or truthful than the 09ers who attended Shelly's party. But if not, we will totally refund the cost of the recap.


The Fire Marshals of Bethlehem play a 30-minute set to kick off the event.

Inigo: Love them.
grim squeaker: Never heard of them I'm afraid...
Inigo: They did the song at the cemetery in "Drinking the Kool-Aid".
chris1010: Yep, "Famous Lover".
Inigo: And "Rabbit"
grim squeaker: I'm about as bad with music as wyk is. I think the only bands I remember are the Dandy Warhols because they did the title song and Ivy, because it's used so often on the show.

A Drafthouse staff member introduces Rob and the cast. The crowd roars. Kristen, Jason, and Michael take their seats while Rob stands and serves as MC.

Inigo: Yay! (That's my cheer to just throw in there.)
grim squeaker: *applauds*
chris1010: Beside Enrico is everyone there?
wyk: It's Kristen, Michael, and Jason.
Inigo: No Enrico?
chris1010: He's sick.
wyk: No Enrico.
Inigo: Oh no. Poor Enrico.
grim squeaker: Aw, poor Enrico.

None of the mics work. The Alamo staff scrambles to find some working mics.

In the meantime, Michael takes out his camera and starts taking photos of the crowd. (Because of copyright restrictions, audience members are not allowed to bring cameras into the theatre.) A group of Michael's fans hold up signs that spell out "MICHAEL." He spots the signs, points it out to the other cast members, and takes a photo.

grim squeaker: Heh.
Inigo: Sneaking in a camera. Naughty sheriff.

Rob gets a mic that works and begins to speak. The crowd roars. He thanks people for coming, especially those who came from out of state. The out-of-state people roar.

Inigo: Yay! If we'd all come, the out of country people could have yelled even louder.
wyk: One girl flew in from Germany!

Rob mentions the fact that they originally intended to do a 22-episode Marsathon. Unfortunately, the WB legal department heard about it, and put a stop to it. The crowd boos. Because of all these guild rules, the clips only contain the series regulars.

marks of love: Booo!
grim squeaker: Boooo!
Inigo: Aw. Spare a thought for the poor lawyers. They probably didn't like doing it.
grim squeaker: Poor lawyers. Bad WB!

Michael, who is not one of the series regulars and therefore isn't in the clips, hams it up. Audience: "Awww." Michael does a Hook 'em Horns sign. The crowd cheers.

Inigo: He is a ham. I've seen some pictures from yesterday.

Clips from the Show

Clip 1. Rob introduces the original cold open for the pilot.

Kristen deadpans, "Bad haircut." Crowd laughs. "Sorry about that." Crowd laughs. "It was a mistake." Crowd laughs.

Inigo: Ah. I kinda of liked that cut.
grim squeaker: Aw she probably doesn't know how great it looked...
marks of love: I miss the short hair so!
grim squeaker: Why do none of the actresses playing slightly "butcher" characters like short hair?
grim squeaker: But really, short hair is quite rare on American television at the moment.
marks of love: hmm, what does it say about me that i feel strange and unlike myself with long hair?
grim squeaker: I look like crap with long hair.
marks of love: my hair is long right now. it looks terrible.
Inigo: Long hair = girlie, short hair = butch. Such are stereotypes.
grim squeaker: Mine is growing out, too. And it lost all color. Sigh.

Rob wanted to get every element of noir in the opening: seedy motel, wet pavement, neon lights, crime-soaked city, Ray Chandleresque voice over. He's very proud of the original, noir opening. Les Moonves, the head of CBS, wrote this note: "This is a high school show, start in high school." Crowd boos. Rob had to lose the cold open, which also meant losing the time shift from 18 hours earlier. It forced him into the worst voiceover of the season. Instead of showing Veronica outside a seedy motel being a PI, he had to resort to a voiceover. He makes fun of the voiceover from the aired pilot. "While my classmates work at the Gap, I'm a private detective." The original cold open is shown.

Rob has two bits of trivia about the opening. He choreographed the lovers in the window. He didn't think the scene looked right the first time they shot it, so he had to tell the actors how to act. Rob: "A proud moment."

Kristen points out the actor who appeared in the dragon robe and jokes, "He looks fabulous."

Rob also says he did the motorcycle drive up music using Mac GarageBand. He had to sign up with ASCAP for that. (FYI, Rob is a semi-musician and a Mac head.)

Clip 2. The next scene is a clip that the fans have not seen before. He had a long battle with the network about Veronica being a rape victim. The networks kept trimming the scene.

When Kristen auditioned, she auditioned with the scene where she confronts Weevil in the cafeteria. He used that scene for the audition because he needed someone smart for the part. He realized he had "cast a star" during the filming of the waking-up-from-the-rape scene. Rob: "It gave me shivers." UPN made them cut the vandalized car shots from the scene. He shows the extended morning-after clip.

Veronica is lying in bed. She wakes up and fiddles with her dress. Those scenes are a few seconds longer than the one that aired. There's a VMVO that never aired: "I don't even remember who I shared it with." She walks to the car and sees the vandalized car. Then the "I didn't tell my dad" line.

Clip 3. The next clip is "sex was fantastic" scene between Keith and Veronica.

grim squeaker: What a combination of scenes...

After the scene, Kristen jokes, "It was."

Michael hams it up and acts like she is taking about him. Audience laughs.

Clip 4. On Friday, Rob went to the AFI awards that honored the 10 best shows and movies of the year. The clips were shown alphabetically, so VM was last. All the other shows had powerful, dramatic clips. For VM, they used the clip when Veronica tells off the boys for being mean to Mandy. It was a nice scene, but it was not the scene Rob would have picked. If Rob would have picked the clip, he would have chosen the scene when Veronica tells Keith that Rebecca had a record. That clip is shown.

Rob is going to tell a spoiler. "I'm giddy with excitement." He warns the audience, "Shut your ears. Shut your ears."

Click if you want to read the casting spoiler.

wyk: Rob announced he cast two AD actors in an upcoming episode.
Inigo: Hee.
marks of love: omg!
chris1010: Cool
grim squeaker: Of the regular cast?
wyk: Do you want to know who?
grim squeaker: Please say Portia De Rossi...
marks of love: Yes
Inigo: Yes
chris1010: Yes
wyk: The day he heard they stopped production on AD, he called and cast George Michael and Maeby in episode 16.
marks of love: omg!
grim squeaker: Whee!
grim squeaker: I love them!
chris1010: Great, in character or?
marks of love: *muffled squee*

Crowd erupts after Rob announces the casting spoiler.

wyk: They are going to show the Logan clips.
Inigo: Can you pay particular attention now please wyk and report on everything?

Clip 5. Rob calls Weevil and Logan the "comedy odd couple." Crowd roars at the mere mention of their names. The writers love them together, but it's a challenge to get them in the same scene since Weevil and Logan aren't friends. He also mentions the editors forgot to cut out one of the guest stars. He jokingly asks the crowd not to report them to SAG. The scene also has one his favorite line deliveries ever on VM from Jason.

marks of love: cojones!

wonderwilma yells, "I love your cojones."

Rob shows the scene in the library. The audience repeats the "size of my cojones" line. Crowd erupts after the scene. Jason stands and mimes that the size of his cojones is quite large indeed.

grim squeaker: Heh.

Clip 6. Rob decided to include the next clip because TWoPers complained about the scene. It's the shred-the-paternity-test scene. When he was 10, he read a Spider-Man comic. Peter Parker is cloned and he doesn't know if he is the clone or not. Peter throws the test result down a "chimney stack."

Kristen busts Rob's chops for saying "chimney stack." Kristen: "I believe it's just chimney, Rob." Audience laughs.

Rob sheepishly replies, "But a tall chimney is chimney stack, right?" He thought that was the coolest ending, so he wanted to recreate it. He shows the clip.

Clip 7. The next clip is when Weevil asks Logan for an invitation to the poker game. Rob loves Francis's delivery in this scene. The clip is shown.

During each clip, the theatre lights are dimmed. They turn the lights back on at the end of the clip. Before the poker clip, the cast is sitting in chairs in front of the screen, facing the crowd. After the poker scene, the lights are turned on, and the audience realizes that cast is now sitting Indian style on the floor, looking up at the screen. The audience laughs, and the actors act like they don't know why the audience is laughing.

Clip 8. Rob says the show is very planned. The writers know the main mysteries, who did it, and how they did it at the beginning of the year. They figure out the specific clues week-by-week. However, some things are totally unexpected. When Rob started the show, it was never his intention to hook up Veronica and Logan.

Someone yells, "He's so hot!"

Inigo: I'm still in England, I swear to god.
grim squeaker: hey, he belongs to Inigo!

It was scenes like this that convinced the writers they "had to go there." They show the scene when Veronica goes to Logan's poolhouse to ask about the poker game. At the end of scene the crowd says the line "annoy like the wind" along with Logan.

Clip 9. The VMVO dialog for the blue paint safe scene was originally written and filmed for the pilot. Originally they had this lengthy thing of Veronica trying to figure out how to get into Keith's safe in the pilot, but they had to cut it for time. They decided to reuse the scene for "Mars vs. Mars."

Kristen jokes, "That was not at all comfortable."

Rob says the special effects supervisor said the paint would hit Kristen "at the speed of light."

Kristen starts cracking up. She imitates the FX guy: "This goes the speed of light." Kristen, skeptically, "Really. There's no question about it?"

They show the clip.

grim squeaker: I wonder if the blue paint was hard to get off again.

Clip 10. Rob says the studio and network have been great to them creatively. They have notes, but nothing major. He admits it did take them a while to warm up to the idea of killing a busload of kids. The biggest battle Rob has to fight each week is with the Standards and Practices. Because of Nipplegate, CBS has the strictest rules of any networks. (FYI, UPN and CBS share the same Standards and Practices department.) If it was Fox, they could get away with anything.

grim squeaker: Yeah, but on Fox they would have been cancelled after episode 3.

He says you can trick the censors by not putting dirty words, "you just get to the dirty." When he was doing Cupid he had this line: "Tonight let's try for some flesh-and-bone women." When Piven said it, it ended up: "Tonight let's try for some flesh and BONE WOMEN." In the same vein, the following scene is one of his proudest moments. The rim job scene is shown.

Clip 11. He says he doesn't have to explain the next scene. The clip begins. The crowd erupts as soon as they realize it's the kiss scene. The crowd erupts three more times during the scene. They erupt during the kiss, after the kiss, and at the end of scene.

The band Something Happens did the song in that scene. Rob's band opened for them in Austin, and he hung out with them when he was in Ireland. Rob is going to Dubai on St. Patrick's Day to see them play. He invites anyone to come.

Clip 12. Rob says he is very proud of the art department for the next scene. Someone yells out "Rick!"

marks of love: I bet that was zimshan.
spadada: So yeah, it was me who yelled, "Rick!" even though that wasn't the kind of art department Rob was talking about.

Rob says Alias does this kind of scene of all the time, but VM doesn't get much of a chance to do them. It's the Havana scene. Some people boo when they show Duncan in the scene.

marks of love: Oh, boo to them.
wyk: Stupid fans.
chris1010: Come on!
Inigo: Oh no. Crass.
grim squeaker: Screw them.
grim squeaker: *makes booing Duncan-haters voodoo doll* *SPORKS* Do they writhe in pain? Huh? Huh?
Inigo: Grim, carry on sweetie.

Some people applaud to counter the booing.

Clip 13. Rob says his favorite episode of season one was written by Diane: "A Trip to the Dentist." Crowd applauds. They show the scene from ATttD when Logan comes to Veronica's door.

Clip 14. Rob: "You all are tough on Teddy Dunn. It's sexier to be the bad boy than be the good boy." This is Rob's favorite Teddy Dunn moment. They show the Veronica/Duncan confrontation scene when Duncan admits they slept together. A few people chuckle during the flashback when Duncan finds Veronica in the bedroom. The audience boos when Celeste appears.

Clip 15. Rob jokes there are scenes when he goes, "Wow Rob, you're good. That's really good writing." And then there are scenes he thinks, "This kinda sucks." On the page this scene looks like nothing, but Kristen and EC turn it in to something special. The paternity scene is shown. Someone sitting next to me says they are going to cry. Crowd cheers when Veronica and Keith hug.

Clip 16. Rob wishes that he could have been able to show clips with Sheriff Lamb. Crowd applauds. He also says so many of his favorite season one clips had Amanda in them. Crowd applauds. She's a "fantastic, fantastic actress." He thought he was only going to have Lilly on three times. But every time Amanda appeared, the writers were like, "We are going to use her more." He so wished he could show the last scene between Veronica and Lilly.

Rob says this is the last clip. They show the Logan and Veronica fight scene at the beach in "Leave It to Beaver."

Clip 17. Rob realizes that he asked for the wrong clip. He says this is the last clip of night. They show the door scene. Rob wishes they had a gag reel on the DVDs because they shot a series of Who's at the Door scenes: Cliff. Crowd roars. Mr. Wu. Crowd applauds.

grim squeaker: Mr. Wu?!
chris1010: Really? I want to see that :-(
Inigo: They must put that on the S2 dvd.

After the clips, they show the episode. During the opening credits, the audience sings along with the theme song. After the episode, the Q&A begins.


Q: Someone asks why is there more sympathy for Lamb this season. Is it because he didn't arrest Duncan and Veronica at the end of "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner" or is it because of the weight lifting?
A: Rob jokes, "For me personally it's the weight lifting." Rob is glad to show Lamb be less of a dick.

Q: A Veronica-isn't-the-same-character-as-season-one question. The person lists off a truckload of ways that Veronica has changed this season.
A: Kristen's reaction to the thoroughness of the list: "Damn."
Rob says it's not a shift in Veronica's character. It's more a shift in the stories that they bring to her or that drive the season-long mysteries. It would be stagnant to keep her the same. She's dating a billionaire, so it would be hard to portray her as an outsider.

Q: tulanegina and spadada present the fleas and T-shirts created by the TWoPers to Rob and the cast.
A: Rob's reaction to getting free stuff: "Fantasitc."

Rob explains that Enrico is sick with bronchitis so he couldn't come. Enrico desperately wanted to be there.
Kristen: "He's a wimp."
JD: "He's a liar."

Jason or Michael asks the crowd, "You guys know about this?" The crowd applauds. Rob and the cast seem touched that the fans would do something like this. Kristen: "Look, they even have Backup!" Michael gets a "Biggest Dick Without a PI License" shirt. He wonders if the shirt is long enough to cover "it." They use Michael's camera to take a group photo of them holding the shirts.

Q: Someone asks Rob which mystery/noir writers influenced him. She lists Raymond Chandler, Dashiell Hammett, and Philip Marlowe.
A: Rob has only read Raymond Chandler, so he picks that as the one that had the most influence on him. He has been inspired by a lot of noir movies. The Underneath, which was filmed in Austin. Strangers on a Train. Rob stutters, ""

Kristen jokes, " is one of my favorites too."

Rob also mentions Double Indemnity.

Rob goes off on a slight tangent and mentions that wants to get every single line of The Big Lebowski into the show.

wonderwilma yells, "What about 'Don't fuck with the Jesus!'?"

Rob replies, "That would be tough to work in."

Q: Someone asks if the characters tics are in the scripts or the actors' idea.
A: Rob jokes, "We write every tic." The head tilt is Kristen. Diane wrote in the head tilt.

Kristen says if the actors have a tic, the writing team will notice it, and "the next episode will be about your tic." Audience laughs. Jason attempts to remember the line: "If I tilt my head, I own you."

Numerous audience members correct him and shout out, "Flip my hair."

Jason: "Sorry, Jesus." Crowd laughs.

Kristen talks about Backup. Kristen says, "He's the smartest dog ever." He was going to be euthanized the day he was rescued. "He is so't swear when you're on stage." Audience laughs. She says the dog is so sweet and so smart. His name is Lazarus. He knows all these tricks that they can't use on the show.

Rob says unfortunately the only trick the dog doesn't know is attack.

[Editor's note: And this is the portion of the evening that turned really, really ugly. I shouldn't swear in this recap, but what the the matter with some of the audience members that night. I was embarrassed, disgusted, and saddened by the booing, the snickering, and the rudeness of some of the people. I can't even imagine what it was like for Rob, Kristen, Jason, and Michael to sit up there and watch "fans" behave in this manner.]

Q: An anti-Duncan question. She recites a long list of things that Duncan did wrong.
A: Rob says Duncan has been universally kind. He's the nicest person.
Q: The crowd loudly grumbles.
A: Rob: "He is the nice boy..." Rob is interrupted before he can finish his answer.
A: Kristen: "It's not always shown on-screen but Duncan's the only one that show her true compassion and sympathy and love and..." Kristen is interrupted before she can finish her answer.
Q: "Bullshit!"
A: Kristen is quite taken aback by the reaction. Rob: "I see it differently." Rob then moves onto the next question.

Q: lissa_triana asks Rob why he's obsessed with god. (Hey Zeus, Cupid, Mars, Neptune)
A: It's a fluke that he has so many god references. He knows less about classical mythology than most people. He named the character Mars after the drummer from the Replacements. He named it Neptune, California, because there is a Jupiter, Florida.

Kristen says Rob told them the same story.

Q: westcoastlovin says that not everyone hates Duncan. People clap. She then asks how much the reaction from the boards affects the writers.
A: Kristen says that it's talked about on set everyday.

Rob reads the reaction from the East Coast feed, and then he watches the West Coast feed. Rob says the writers are usually eight episodes ahead, so they aren't really affected by what they read the boards. He reads the boards because he wants know which episodes the fans like.

Sometimes he disagrees with fans. Rob says he loves Leo. The crowd claps. He says he loves Tessa Thompson. The crowd claps. He mentions the Tessa hate. Kristen is surprised to hear about the Tessa hate. Rob tells the fans to be patient about Jackie. "There's an arc."

Rob says Dan Etheridge described it as a tidal wave of love with a million papercuts. If everyone hates something, the writers pay attention to that mass reaction.

Q: Someone asks why Veronica is pals with Dick since he is a would-be-rapist. She's concerned that the writers are letting Dick get off scot-free for his actions.
A: Rob says we don't really know what happened that night. It's Sean's POV in ATttD and of course he would paint Dick in a negative light to make himself look less guilty. He doesn't expect fans to love Dick, but he admits Dick is entertaining.

The main roles are cast in LA; minor roles are cast in San Diego. There's not a deep pool of talent in SD because most of the actors move to LA. Ryan had one line ("Logan!") in the second episode. When the "All fours" line came up, the writers needed an actor so they decided to use that "blonde kid" again. The writers were won over by Ryan. Rob wouldn't let Dick near his daughter, but he likes writing the character.

Q: spadada says she wished she could think of a question for the actors, but she couldn't.
A: Kristen jokes, "We can't think on our own anyway. Rob didn't write anything for us." Crowd laughs.
Q: spadada asks Rob what is the difference between writing books and writing for a TV show.
A: Rob jokes that writing books — small house in Austin; writing for TV — really nice house in LA. Rob says when he was an author, he was about plot and dialogue. Since screenwriting is about plot and dialogue, TV is a natural fit.

A while back, he wrote an indie screenplay. He came out to LA when they were casting the movie. During the first few auditions, he keep thinking to himself that he had no talent, everything sucks. Then an actor came and nailed the scene, and Rob felt happy again. When an actor nails a scene you've written, "it's the best feeling in the world."

Seeing this episode on a big screen with an audience of fans was a big moment in his life.

Q:ethanvahlere says he has a question for the actors. The crowd claps because this is the first question directed at the cast. He asks the actors who are their influences.

A: Jason says he was in a play, Does a Tiger Wear a Necktie. Logan is a toned-down version of the nasty character Bickham in that play. "It's cool stuff." He then reveals, "I wanted to say shit there, but I said stuff." Audience laughs.

Rob: "Nice save."

Kristen says she doesn't have any specific influences. She's a big fan of the theatre. She tries to make her performance as honest as she possibly can. She watches other actors and tries to figure out how they did it.

It's Michael's turn to answer the question.
Kristen: [jokingly] "Satan."
Michael: [jokingly] "Maybe I'll wear a a bra next time." He says they do this on the set all the time. When he was a kid, his mom would rent videos of Hitchcock, Twilight Zone, Hitchcock, Hitchcock. They had a great influence on him. He also mentions One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest. And Rob's writing.
Audience: "Aww".
Jason: "Me too." Crowd laughs.
Michael: "Kiss ass." Crowd laughs.
Kristen: "Rob wrote that." Crowd laughs.

Q: Someone thanks Rob for Mac and Cassidy. Crowd cheers. Will they be back?
A: Rob: Yes. Crowd cheers.

Q: Someone asks Kristen which of her characters she is most like: prostitute from Deadwood, Mary Jane from Reefer Madness, or Veronica.
A: Michael: "Prostitute." Crowd roars with laughter.
Kristen: "Do you see what it's like being the only girl on the show?"
Michael tells Kristen he's got her back. He then jokingly flirts with Jason: "I like your back." Crowd roars.

Kristen wishes she was more like Veronica. She's gullible and naive like Mary Jane. She's outspoken and doesn't shut her mouth like Veronica. Rob agrees. Kristen ribs Rob for agreeing. She says she's a cross between Mary Jane and Veronica.

Q: Someone asks about the estrangement between Keith and Veronica in the original pilot script and how UPN made Rob changed it.
A: Rob said it was a good note to get rid of the part where Keith was hiding the letters. Even if he had kept the letter-hiding thing, the estrangement was never intended to be permanent. They would have patched Keith and Veronica up in 5 or 6 episodes.

Q: Someone asks the actors for their favorite scenes.
A: Kristen likes the paternity test result scene in 1.22. In real life, Enrico is a friend and a father figure to her. "He's a wonderful, wonderful man." She also likes the Veronica and Duncan confrontation scene in 1.21. They finally revealed the truth about what happened to those characters, which was one of the core questions of the show.

She also like the scene when she tells Lamb about the rape in 1.01. When they were filming the scene, she and Michael couldn't stop laughing and cutting up. Michael says Kristen nailed the scene in the first couple of takes, then they started cutting up. Michael says he went over to hug Kristen after the first couple of takes. Kristen jokes that she told Michael, "Get off of me."

Jason likes the locker scene with Veronica, Logan, and Troy. It was a chance for Veronica and Logan to snipe at each other. Jason jokes that during that scene he realized this about Kristen: "Fuck you. I'm a better actor."

Q: lex_83 asks about Dick's and Beaver's names.
A: Rob says the censors don't think it's very funny. The censors cut a lot of stuff out, but the writers did manage to sneak in "Can Dick and Beaver come out and play?" The writers kept trying to insert the name "Big Dick" in the script, but the censors kept cutting it out. The writers didn't have as much with that name as they had hoped.

Q: Someone asks about how much the writers tell the actors about upcoming storyline.
A: Rob says they tell the actors some stuff, and hide other stuff.

Jason says when Rob told him and Kristen that Logan and Veronica were going to get to together, their reaction was "No way!"

Michael tells a story. When they were filming the pilot, he told Joel and Rob that Veronica and Lamb should get together. They should change the name of the show to Veronica Lamb. Rob or Joel looked at him, and without missing a beat, he told him that they were killing Lamb in the next episode. Michael slithered away and learned to keep his mouth shut.

Rob called Alona to tell her that her character was being killed because he didn't want her to find that out by reading the script.

Audience: "Awww."

Q: missdeviant asks a totally goofy question: "Would you rather eat a small piece of poo or be covered in poo?" Crowd laughs.
A: Rob, Kristen, and Jason say covered in poo. Michael says if it were covered in chocolate, he'd eat the small piece of poo.

Q: wonderwilma tells Rob to move out of the way because he was blocking her view of the eye candy.
A: Rob responds to this blunt request with a joke. "You want the guy in the $7000 suit to move? COME ON!" Crowd laughs.

Q: wonderwilma asks Kristen about the abandoned dog that was on Punk'd.
A: Kristen says she somehow manages to find dogs everywhere she goes. Her boyfriend was the one who set that Punk'd thing up. He is in the audience and she tells him, "Stand up, asshole!" They eventually took the dog to a pound. But since the dog had an infection, they were worried it wouldn't be properly taken care of in there, so they took the dog back home. The owner eventually called and reclaimed the dog. Considering the dog had an infection and was missing, Kristen was a little concerned about the care-giving abilities of the owners. She hopes that everything will be okay. She also mentions that they have adopted a Hurricane Katrina dog. The dog is missing some teeth and is a little bit battered.

Q: wonderwilma asks Jason how his wife has reacted to the fact that he is a sex symbol.
A: He says the fans could ask his wife themselves since she is sitting in the audiences. He asks her to stand up. She does. Jason says he teases his wife about the fan lust to bug her. He knows this sex symbol stuff doesn't mean anything,

Q: wonderwilma asks Michael how's he doing after the surgery.
A: Michael says he's fine, but he recently hurt himself. After the hernia surgery, the doctors told him not to do any strenuous activities. During the holidays he went to visit his family, and one of his family member's huge dogs jumped on him and hit him in the stomach.

Michael gives his answer to the favorite scene question since he didn't have a chance to answer it earlier. His favorite Lamb scene was the Air scene in "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner."

Q: dkissam asks if there will be more scenes when it looks like Weevil and Logan are about to kiss.
A: Kristen's jaw drops.
Rob says Francis isn't a fan of Hoyay.

Q: Someone asks when Pulse is coming out.
A: Kristen: March 3rd, baby. It's freaking freaky.
Michael: I freaked out.
Kristen: He wet himself, but he does that a lot.

Q: amberlynne asks if the Shocker was scripted.
A: Rob says the gesture was not scripted. He was told not to talk about it. Rob asks the audience if they want to hear the official company line or the truth. The script said fist bump, but Jason ad-libbed the Shocker.

Dan Etheridge is in the audience, and he is just sitting there shaking his head during this question.

Jason says he wouldn't have done that now after talking to Dan. He says the censors didn't know what that sign meant. Rob emphatically says, "I knew what it was!" Rob kept looking for a clean scene, but that sign was in every single take so they had to use it. A lot of the people in the audience make the Shocker sign.

wyk: OMG, I got my Saturday ticket from the shocker girl!

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