Veronica Mars ComicCon 2006 panel transcript

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Daniel Manu: Thank you very much, everyone, and welcome, everyone, to the Veronica Mars panel here. My name's Daniel Manu, from We've got some people backstage who are very eager to talk to you about what's coming up in Season 3.

[audience applause]

Please welcome the creator and Executive Producer of Veronica Mars, Mr. Rob Thomas.

Please help me say hello to Keith Mars, Mr. Enrico Colantoni...

He plays Logan Echolls, Mr. Jason Dohring...

You know him as Dick Casablancas, Mr. Ryan Hansen...

He plays Sheriff Lamb, Mr. Michael Muhney...

Are we forgetting anybody? She plays Veronica Mars...Miss Kristen Bell.

There you go, guys, look at this rock star reception you just got.

Before we get into season three, let's talk a little bit about the amazing season two. I want to know, among the cast, what you thought when you first found out who the killer was going to be. Anybody, anybody. Kristen, what did you think?

Kristen Bell: I actually had a really hard time figuring it out this year, and the first year I didn't at all, so I was really frustrated, but I mean, I thought it was kind of brilliant, because you never ever ever see the show keep the killer in the main titles, you know what I mean? And I thought that was like...ohhhh. "They think they're so smart...and they are!"

Daniel Manu: Did any of you ever have any anxiety thinking that it might be you?

Michael Muhney: [raises his hand to audience laughter and applause]

Kristen Bell: For a while — I hate to admit this — but Michael kept asking me who it was, and I played a little joke on him, and I told him it was Loretta Cancun.

[audience laughs]

Those of you who don't...she was a very small character — Wallace and I talked about her in the pilot — and he was like, "Really? Loretta?!" But he only believed me for like a day.

Daniel Manu: Rob, how tightly was season two plotted out? When did you know how the season was going to turn out?

Rob Thomas: You know, when we brought Beaver in in Season 1 for the final three episodes, we knew it was going to be Beaver, so we were thinking pretty far ahead. Now, we start the year knowing who did it, how they did it, but we kind of spent the season, week to week, figuring out, "Okay, are we going to give a clue as to the real killer?" or are we going to send the audience this way or that way, but we knew when we brought Beaver in that he was the guy.

Daniel Manu: And Ryan, how do you think your character's going to react to everything that happened to his brother?

Ryan Hansen: Well, how am I going to react, in real life, or in character? Kyle's my buddy. I think Dick will know, I don't think he knows how he's going to react, because I think he didn't realize how much he actually loved Beaver.

[audience laughs]

Daniel Manu: And Enrico, you once described Keith as being sort of more of a perfect friend to Veronica, than a perfect Dad. Do you still have that interpretation now, after everything that happened in season two?

Enrico Colantoni: Oh, yes. Yes. Yes.

Daniel Manu: Do you want to elaborate on that at all? How has it evolved over the past few years?

Enrico Colantoni: Still perfect. No, you know what? I'll stick to those words, I have nothing more to say. [pauses] No, you know, uhm, I think there's room for improvement, huh Rob? I know this year, separation anxiety will definitely be happening.

Rob Thomas: Yeah, except that she's still living in her bedroom.

Enrico Colantoni: And that's where she's gonna die!

Daniel Manu: Well, Rob made a conscious decision not to have Veronica move to college in season two, so I guess he wanted to maintain that relationship with her dad.

Rob Thomas: Yeah, I mean, the goal of the show is Veronica and Keith together, so it would have created too many backflips to have her move out to college and have to drive home everytime we wanted to have a conversation with Keith, so she's a townie, she's staying at home and driving to campus.

Daniel Manu: And Jason, how do you think Logan is going to deal with being an orphan now? Is he going to be wilder than ever?

Jason Dohring: Oh, I think it's actually good for him probably, you know? I think it'll maybe open a new facet for the character, to kind of not be under this pressure from his father, and I think it could open kind of a "drop all the past and be able to start anew," you know, which I think would be a whole 'nother side of him, which would be good to explore, eh Rob?

Daniel Manu: And Michael, we saw a lot of nuance to Sheriff Lamb last year; he's not just, you know, sort of an antagonist. We saw some hints that he might have some child abuse in his past, perhaps? What do you think about the inner life of Sheriff Lamb? Who is he to you?

Michael Muhney: I do what Rob tells me. There are many copies of Lamb.

Rob Thomas: Look pretty. Look pretty.

Michael Muhney: [preens] No, really...Look, what Rob does is, he sort of immerses himself in innuendoes and subtlety, and then just flat out smacks you in the face with stuff, and he finds a way to sort of balance the two, and for my character the subtle thing that he let me sort of go on a leash with, I've thoroughly enjoyed.

Daniel Manu: We have two more announcements to make. First, we have microphones in the front if you want to start lining up to ask questions, and...

[laughter from audience as the line instantly has 50+ people in it]

Number two, we have one more addition, who was slightly delayed in the traffic, please welcome Mr. Weevil, Francis Capra: .

Ryan Hansen: He just came from jail.

[audience laughs]

Daniel Manu: So Rob, give us some hints about what's coming up in season three.

Rob Thomas: All right. As I think most of you know, Veronica goes off to college. I think most of you, if not all of you, will be happy to hear that Veronica and Logan are still going strong...[drowned out by fangirl cheers]...and we're going to have a couple of new series regulars on the show. Tina Majorino is going to be with us next year on a full time basis, and then we've got Mac's new roommate is going to be a character named Parker, played by an actress named Julie Gonzalo, who you might remember from Dodgeball — she was the cheerleader who ended up with the Mac guy at the end...uh huh, bring it on! Trust me, you'll adore her.

And then we have Wallace's new roommate, is a character named after the director of our pilot...his name is Piz, and he will be Wallace's roommate, and his name is Chris Lowell. You might know him from Life As We Know It. You know, Life as We Know It? You all watched it.

Daniel Manu: And Rob, you've also made some pretty interesting changes to the structure of the show in season three. Tell us a little about the different storylines, and how you're going to handle that.

Rob Thomas: Okay, this year instead of doing one 22-episode mystery, we're going to do three shorter-arc mysteries, and the good news about it is they're going to be unbroken by repeats or preemptions, so...[audience applause]

So our first block: our first episode is October 3, and we'll run nine episodes in a row, and we're going to pick up the mystery we introduced in Episode 16 last year, the serial rapist that is at large on the Hearst campus. And then we've got ideas — or, we actually know what the other two mysteries are. We're going to keep those ourselves right now, but I will tell you that they're going to have different...each mystery will have a very different feel this year, and each of them will be uninterrupted.

You know, the thing are the diehard fans, and we love you so much, the thing that you know we have to do is...we need to get more viewers if we're going to have a season four. And so, what we're trying to do is give the new people coming to the show more in-points so they don't feel like they've missed five episodes when they can't catch up all year. So that's our attempt...

We're also going to really emphasize the mystery of the week this year, not to the detriment of the ongoing mysteries, but we're gonna really try to punch those up, and make them very promotable, and grab new fans.

Daniel Manu: Let's start taking some questions from our great crowd...

Audience: All right, first off, I'd like to say I like how you had that two Arrested Development characters on there...Second, what kind of ratings are you guys looking for so you can extend past the thirteen episodes, and we can have a full 22 episode season?

Rob Thomas: Okay, I can comment on a lot of that! I know that you all know that we had a 13 episode pickup, which I will tell you, let me promise you this, it means nothing. It's semantics; it has a little bit to do with budgeting and booking directors, but in terms of whether we're going to end at 13, or whether we're planning on ending at 13, honest to God, it's irrelevant.

If we come on and we do a good number, we'll be on all year. If we come on and we don't do a good number, they may cancel us after 4. That 13 means nothing to the network except airplay deals on directors, which is more information than you could possibly need.

Nobody knows what numbers to expect on this new network, on the CW, but here's the rule of thumb I would use for determining whether we're doing well or not: if we come on and we hold most of the Gilmore Girls audience, the network will be very pleased. If you see a steep drop from the Gilmore Girls number, they're gonna be much LESS pleased. If we actually go up from the Gilmore Girls number, they will build a Kristen Bell statue in the lobby. And, we did really want to bring back Michael Cera, from Arrested Development; he booked a movie, so we won't have him at least in the initial episodes, because he's already booked, but we did, just as of Friday, book Alia Shawkat for episode four.

[audience cheers]

Audience: For the season finale, we saw Charisma Carpenter. Will we see her back again in the season? Because I love her.

Rob Thomas: You will. You will see her in episode one, as a matter of fact.

Audience: Do you remember this shirt?
[wearing a shirt that says "Veronica is my BFF"]
We gave it to you last year...

Rob Thomas: Oh! Let me tell you a story about that shirt that you're not going to believe. This just happened this week, and you will not believe this story. Apparently, Standards and Practices — we have new Standards and Practices this year, last year it was through CBS, this year it's through the WB executives — and we got our first set of notes back. And they were't bad, they didn't cut much, but one line that they had us cut, Logan said "Guess who I saw on campus?" to Veronica, and Veronica says "Who?", and he says "My BFF, Dick."

[audience laughs]

And they had us cut that...they said no, we can't say that, and I'm like.. "Why? What...?" And they said, "Well, it's what the audience could interpret that to mean..."

[more cheering and laughter]

And so, honest to God, I e-mailed them a picture of my mom, a 65-year-old high school teacher, wearing that shirt, and said, "Should I call my mom? Should I tell her she can't wear this shirt anymore? WHERE are you seeing the dirty in that?" I also sent them the link to the Google search for "BFF," which goes "Best Friends Forever," "Best Friends Forever," "Best Friends Forever," "Bush Family Fortune." What did you think we were trying to say?

Audience: I just first wanna say, Kristen, I saw you in Gracie's Choice, which was initially what drove me to watch the show, you were magnificent in that. And second, Jason, are you doing anything else, so we can watch you in other things? A lot of us love you, and really want to see you in other roles.

Michael Muhney: Preferably on Cinemax...

[audience hollers]

Jason Dohring: You know, I just, to be honest, actually went back to acting classes, you know like three times a week or whatever over the break, and I took it easy, but I intend to do much work that you can appreciate. I think I have some good things lined up. I feel like I'm gonna make some good things, so I hope you enjoy them.

Michael Muhney: Like the guy NEEDS acting class, right?

Kristen Bell: I was just going to say that.

Audience: Jason, you're wonderful.

Jason Dohring: Thanks.

Audience: This is directed toward Miss Kristen Bell. I actually live in South Park, San Diego. In your old home, apparently. So, last night, a huge box...

Audience: Well, that's what I was just about to get to...there was a huge box, was delivered to our doorstep. We actually brought it, we fought off some Stormtroopers...but seriously, I mean, this is not a joke -- there's a box addressed to you with, like a card on it. It looks like a foot massager. If you want it, it's yours. I'm being completely honest here.

Kristen Bell: If it's a foot massager I definitely want it.

Kristen Bell: You live in my old place?

Audience: Uh, yeah. 30th Street and Juniper.

Kristen Bell: Is that the one on the mountain?

Audience: Noooo, it's...

Kristen Bell: Sorry, I've moved so many times!

Audience: It's behind the little Lotions and Potions place.

Kristen Bell: Oh, yeah yeah yeah yeah! [audience laughs] That's a cool apartment.

Audience: Yeah, but we have your box, if you want it. We can bring it to the side of stage.

Kristen Bell: That would be great! Thank you for keeping it!

Audience: You're welcome. We were very tempted to open it, but I fought the temptation.

Audience: Love the show. Thank you.

[audience applauds]

Audience: I heard you were doing a movie about Star Wars fans, called Fanboys?

Kristen Bell: Yeah, I'm sorry, I've got to stand up. Okay, so we didn't clear our poster in time to have it up here, but what sells a movie, you guys? Let me show you. [stands up and walks to the front of the stage, showing off one bumper sticker on her chest, then turning around to show another one on her butt]. The bumper stickers say, "I Brake For Wookiees: Fanboys 2007", and it should come out first quarter of 2007. And we're very proud of it.

[the box comes to the side of the stage and Kristen runs over to get it.
Michael carries it back and Kristen reads the card]

It's from my agent, who obviously doesn't know I haven't lived there for two years! Thank you SO much, you guys, that's really cool.

Audience: My name is Linda, I have a question for Mr. Thomas. It's a little off topic. Are there any plans to release Cupid on DVD?

Rob Thomas: Uhm, there are not, and it's fact, it's actually...I think I would have been more hopeful a year ago. I heard rumblings that they were thinking about it, and then a few weeks ago I got an e-mail virtually assuring me that they were NOT thinking about it, that they had no plans to do it, which's a drag. I was feeling okay until they released She Spies, and now I'm really kind of bummed out. I was hoping that with the success that Jeremy has had in Entourage, and with the success of Veronica Mars, that they would think about it. Unfortunately, it's a different studio, and they appear to have no plans for it.

Audience: Okay, thank you. I think you just broke my heart.

[audience "awwwwww"s]

Kristen Bell: I bet Rob could send it to you on DVD...

Audience: Thank you!

Michael Muhney: I can burn you the copies I have.

[audience laughs]

Audience: First, I want to say I was actually bullied into watching the show, but I haven't regretted it an episode yet, it's wonderful. My question is actually to Rob Thomas and Jason Dohring. I know Scrubs does like the kind of thing where Zach Braff narrates the episode, but sometimes he like, passes the baton? Do you think you'll ever do something where Jason Dohring would narrate? Jason Dohring would narrate an episode from his point of view, where Veronica would be almost like a side character...

Rob Thomas: Oh, you know, it's a really interesting idea. I have to say I'm quite positive that, I mean, when we don't put Veronica in the first scene of an episode, the network freaks out. They're very intent on it. "It's Veronica Mars...put her in the show, why don't you?" But I think it's a great idea, and I would love to do that, and yeah, we would consider doing it.

Audience: Hi, I just wanted to let you guys know that I think your program is wonderful. My question is, is there gonna be a Veronica Mars movie?

Rob Thomas: Uhm...If anyone will give us the money to do it? Honestly, I would love to do it. I had a conversation with Joel Silver, who is my partner on this show, and I was so interested in the movie Brick, which is actually on the Spectravision at my hotel, I may be watching it tonight. My wife and daughter are in Michigan right now, and because I have a 16-month-old, I never get to see movies anymore, but that's one I'm very interested in, and I thought that if that teen noir movie can get made, why can't Veronica Mars? And Joel had this crazy thought, he said "You know, Rob, it's hard to get hit shows made into movies. A low-rated UPN might just sell as a movie!" It's sort of depressing. I would love to do it. You know, Joss Whedon got (drowned out by cheers) Serenity made, so fingers crossed, I would love to do it.

Daniel Manu: And Rob, there's a general rumor that there might be a Veronica Mars novelization. Is there anything going with that?

Rob Thomas: Actually, sort of. I am in the middle of working on a new deal with Warner Brothers to continue doing Veronica Mars, and the only deal point that is not done is that I want to control the book rights to Veronica Mars. I actually got my start novelizing X-Files books, and I don't want to give up that...I'm afraid of giving up control of that. I don't want cheesy Veronica Mars books out there, and I think handled right, I could be the Carolyn Keene of the next century.

Audience: Well, is there an e-mail address that we can send our voice, that we want a movie?

Rob Thomas: Well, thank you. Thank you.

Audience: Hi. Well, just like Veronica Mars, I'm going to be starting college in the fall, so I was wondering how the new pressure of college life will affect her and her investigations and her relationships?

Kristen Bell: [stammers for a moment] I don't know...they don't tell me! Rob writes it. Rob, you wanna take this one?

Rob Thomas: Uhm, sure. Veronica was a pretty self-possessed girl coming out of high school, I think unlike a lot of college freshmen, she doesn't have a lot of growing up to do, she's done most of it. There will be different college pressures. One of the things that's been sort of the bread and butter for the show the last couple of years has been the very hard line social strata of Neptune. You know, there the pilot says, you're either the child of a millionaire or the child of someone who works for a millionaire.

It's going to be less stratified in college; it's going to exist in a world where there are clumps, where there are frat boys, and student publications people, and students of color organization...there's going to be a whole lot of fiefdoms around campus, rather than us and them. I think that'll present new challenges for Veronica, and new ways to interact. I think she's going to feel less like an outsider, even though it will...there will be certain groups she doesn't mix very well in. For example, episode two, which I think we're gonna have a lot of fun with, a crime happens the night after a sorority rush party...episode two, Veronica goes undercover through sorority rush.

[audience cheers]

Kristen Bell: That's actually one of the things I had hoped for. I mean, I've only read episodes one and two, so I only know what I know, and they keep it under lock and key, but obviously we leave it up to our brilliant writers, but what I would like to see is that Veronica gets a little bit more vulnerable based on her own decisions, because I feel like she's had so much heartache, and so much thrown at her, and it makes her vulnerable when she doesn't want to be, like the situation with her mother, the situation with Logan, the situation with Lilly. I'd like to see her drop her guard on her own accord a little bit, and sort of see how people react to that. Still being feisty, but just dropping her guard a little.

Audience: Thank you very much, I really enjoy the show.

Audience: Allright, first...okay. First, I just wanted to say that I love your show, it's so amazing. All you guys, I just have to praise you for all the storylines you do, and all of your character work, and all, I just have to say, thank you for your show, and everything. And Jason, you're awesome. And Kristen Bell, you are amazing, and you are beautiful. You're an amazing actress, really, seriously. But my question goes out to the whole panel: considering the move from UPN to the CW, you already said that there's different rules with Standards and Practices. I'm wondering, how will it be handled with regards to storyline, 'cause Veronica Mars is a really dark show, in the way it handles certain themes, like child abuse, child molestation, rape, all of these different things, corruption. And I'm just wondering, how will the storylines affected because of the move to a new network? Will you still be able to...will you try to get around doing Dick jokes, or...?

Daniel Manu: All right, next question.

Jason Dohring: No more Shockers.

[audience laughs]

Rob Thomas: You know, Standards and Practices, we've gotten notes from the first three scripts from Standards and Practices, and it doesn't look like there's going to be any of doesn't look like that's going to change much for our world, in terms of what material we can get in, and what material we can't get in. If you saw the Standards and Practices notes, you would find it remarkable the things that they cut out of our shows that we...we don't even understand why they're being pulled from our show.

Frequently, I think that if you're an adult crime drama, you can say things that know, we couldn't use the word "riding", R-I-D-I-N-G, in the second to last episode, for Logan to describe what he saw Lilly and his father doing. The word "riding"! It baffles me that we couldn't get it in there.

Now, I will say this about our content this year: the network really wants us to be a good companion piece to Gilmore Girls. [audience groans] So they've had a couple plots and storylines that were too dark. To their credit, our studio has really defended our show, which has been wonderful. They're nervous, but they haven't told us not to do anything yet.

Francis Capra: And don't ask me where you would see a guy like me on the Gilmore Girls.

[audience cheers]

Audience: Hi, my name is Abby. I just want to say that your show is amazing, and I got all of my friends into it, and they're all guys, and anyway...this question is for Rob Thomas and Michael Muhney. Congrats for being a permanent addition to the cast!

In season three, will we see more of Lamb's psyche and personality, especially along the lines of why child abuse affects him so much, like why he let Veronica and Duncan go in "Nobody Puts Baby in a Corner," and a follow up, will Madison still be on the Lamb?

Rob Thomas: I'll say this, you know...I do think that early on when we were writing Sheriff Lamb, he served solely as a foil to Veronica, and largely that is his role in this show — he's the guy you love Veronica to butt heads with. Because Lamb is not a particularly likeable character...I think that people who are unlikeable, who do bad things, generally there's something in their past that dials them that way, and I was happy that we got that glimpse into Lamb's past. It's entirely possible that we'll see more of that.

I mean, I think largely his role will stay the same. There will be crimes in Neptune, Veronica and Lamb will cross paths, and you know, one of my favorite parts of the show is the two of them going toe-to-toe. We haven't written a storyline that takes us into Lamb's home and private life, but it could happen. As far as Madison Sinclair goes, I love writing her in the show, but I think she has gone to USC.

[audience laughs]

Michael Muhney: So what he's saying is I'm getting a NEW girlfriend.

Audience: Thank you so much.

Michael Muhney: Sure, Abby, thank you. And my grandfather told me to do this, because apparently my family's been having problems with people pronouncing our last name for years, I'll just say that when you say the word, it rhymes with "puny." Puny Muhney.

Kristen Bell: Puuuuny.

Audience: Thank you guys for all coming down here. My wife and I are huge fans of Kristen's singing, especially in Reefer Madness.

[audience cheers]

Kristen, do you think that you'd want to do an episode where Veronica sings? Is that possible?

Kristen Bell: Well, we had an episode on last season where we did a karaoke thing, but I think that if we do it again — which I'm not opposed to — maybe we'll pick a different...a song that's a little better for the voice, because that one didn't work out so well. It just became really weird and I felt really embarrased, but I'm definitely not opposed if they wanna write it in, but I may suggest a few songs.

Ryan Hansen: Maybe Dick could do a little lyrical something too.

Jason Dohring: We could do a musical episode where we all sing.

[audience screams approval]

Rob Thomas: The official Jump the Shark moment.

[audience laughs]

How about we do a musical in Hawaii? I will say this: in terms of our singing and dancing, episode one this year, you will get to see Dick Casablancas dancing in a Speedo.

[audience screams more approval]

Ryan Hansen: I'm sorry.

Audience: I was also wondering if you could sing a line from Reefer Madness, from the Shakespeare song?

Kristen Bell: Oh, God, why would you pick that one? Oh, I'm trying to remember.

Michael Muhney: [begins beatboxing into the microphone, to laughter from the audience]

Kristen Bell: I can't remember any lines. [pointing to Rob] Do you know how much dialogue he writes for me? My brain is full! Let me think on it. If I get one, I will find you and I will sing it to you.

Daniel Manu: All right, next question.

Audience: First of all, Rob, the promo video they showed before? That kicked ass. Whoever made that? That's who should be doing all the CW marketing for the show. I think that even if anybody in here who hasn't seen the show...has anybody in here not seen the show? Well, do you want to now? Yeah, there was nodding, so that was good. So yeah, they should be doing the marketing. Now, my question is for Enrico. Back in January, a couple hundred of us went down to Austin, to the Alamo Drafthouse, and someone there asked a very important, insightful question, and we were all very very sad that you couldn't be there, but you're feeling better now, right? Good. Well, we were very sad you couldn't be there, and I wanted to give you the opportunity to answer this important, insightful question. Ryan and Francis, you can also answer too. Would you rather be covered in poo, or eat a small piece of poo?

Enrico Colantoni: [making a horrified face, to laughter from the audience]

Audience: Yes.

Enrico Colantoni: [after much hesitation]


[pushes the microphone away from himself as the audience laughs]

Rob Thomas: I will say, Sunil, that that particular clip was actually the clip that all of the top executives at the CW were given when we were trying to make sure we made the fall schedule, so that was the clip that went into their packet, saying "Please, please, please pick us up." The clips were chosen by the show, but cut together by the Warner Brothers promotion department.

[audience applauds]

Daniel Manu: All right, we're running short on time, so we have time for only one or two more questions.

[audience boos]

Audience: Hi, you guys. This question is for Rob. I know that you and the writers frequent a lot of the internet message boards about the show, particularly Television Without Pity, and I know that sometimes the fan reactions will kind of influence the way — for example, how Jackie ended up on the show — and I was just wondering if you were going to continue doing that this season, or if you were just gonna kind of like, not do that. I know that ultimately you had said that the way that Jackie ended up was not originally how you had wanted it.

Rob Thomas: Actually, you know, her arc with Veronica, in terms of starting off as somebody prickly who we didn't like, and growing into a pretty solid relationship, that was always the intention. The amount of vitriolic response to her probably forced me to give her nicer moments than I would have otherwise, in order to get her to that point, and I've said this before, in a way I feel like I sold out a little bit, in a way that I'm not particularly proud of. I can't help but glance at the boards, you know.

The primary reason I like to look at them is to see how the mystery is following...are people picking up on the clues, are they following the wrong clues that we want them to? You know, I don't want to get to a point in the season where everybody knows who the killer is, and we're just kind of treading water 'til we tell 'em. So I'm interested in the boards for that reason. It's not always easy to stroll through there. Year one I got called a genius a lot, and I became something of an idiot in year two. So, it's dangerous. I'll have one eye kind of open, yes.

Daniel Manu: All right, we have time for a couple more questions.

Audience: Hi, I have a question for Ryan. What's it like making the transition from musical theatre, live, to a TV drama series.

Ryan Hansen: Well, as a musical theatre person...

[audience cheers]

No, I kinda just grew up doing musical theatre, nothing professional like Ms. Bell over here on Broadway...

Kristen Bell:...not my question! This one is ALL you.

Ryan Hansen: Yeah, so I do like to sing and dance, or try to.

Michael Muhney: In speedos.

[audience cheers]

Kristen Bell: He does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation.

[audience goes wild, screaming "Do it!"]

Ryan Hansen: [walks to the front of the stage, does a mean Michael Jackson impersonation, and finishes with a backflip]
That flip...I kind of threw that in myself.

Daniel Manu: All right, one more question.

Audience: This is for Ryan Hansen too. [audience cheers] Yeah, you're really popular right now. I'd like to know, despite your busy schedule, obviously, right now, are you still finding time to work with the Invisible Children project?

Ryan Hansen: Yeah, that's for bringing that up, that's so cool. My wife is actually over in Africa right now, so she'll be there for like a month and I'm missing her a lot, but...since the show is shot in San Diego, and the Invisible Children offices are down here, so we're able to volunteer whenever, and do all that stuff, so...yeah, we're totally involved. Yeah,

Daniel Manu: All right. Veronica Mars, Season three will debut on October 3, Tuesday nights, on the new CW.

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